Intro Blog Post

I’ve been threatening to start a blog to document both my homebrewing and beer travels for a long time so after taking notes on a recent 14 day trip to Europe taking in three countries, two beer festivals and a few vineyards I feel I finally have some content to kick things off. From a homebrewing perspective the majority of what I write will be based around my adventures wrangling wild yeast and all that entails in trying to get a drinkable beer from it but my true passion is in brewing with brettanomyces and waiting on the weird and wonderful flavours it can produce when used to ferment beer both with and without saccharomyces.

A lot of what I cover and the techniques I use I’ve nearly learned totally from Milk the Funk and from books like American Sours and Wild Brews: Beers Beyond the Influence of Brewers Yeast, every interview and article featuring Chad Yakobson and the podcast The Sour Hour so if you’re familiar with those then I can’t teach you anything new but my aim is to document my own techniques, set-up and favoured brewing style in order to learn from my own mistakes and hopefully create a healthy discussion whenever I find enough people to read the blog!

Aside from wild and brett brewing I will also add beery travel blogs and whatever other random stuff pops into my skull.

That’s the intro covered so now I’ll get cracking on the next entry which will be up in a few days hopefully and cover a run down on three nights in Amsterdam for a visit to Carnivale Brettanomyces.


3 thoughts on “Intro Blog Post

    1. I have a local pizza maker I plan on doing a collab with and the idea is to use some of the ingredients from the pizza in a mixed fermentation saison to give people an appreciation of how well beer can pair with food. You might know the guy!

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