100% Brett East To West Apricot IPA

After brewing five 100% Brettanomyces fermented beers I finally found a recipe I feel works for me. Previously I had been using WLP648 Brett Trois Vrai exclusively and whilst the beers tasted fine apart from some carbonic bite I just felt that there was something missing from them. Continue reading “100% Brett East To West Apricot IPA”

#Hagstravaganza & What is Brett?

A new and very high bar has been set for craft beer festivals by The White Hag brewery in Sligo. The purpose of this blog is for beer travel and my own wild/brett brewing but I reckon I can tie the two together after what I’ve witnessed at this festival. Over 60 beers from various European breweries were pouring at this event and for the first time at a festival in Ireland I didn’t feel the need to focus on IPA drinking for the day as there was an abundance of the beers I tend to favour like saison and Brett beers, which is testament to the diversity that this festival provided. Continue reading “#Hagstravaganza & What is Brett?”